Autumn Agenda- Wardrobe must-haves

Autumn is hands-down the best season! Who doesn’t love comfy jumpers, hot chocolate and snuggling under a blanket? I know I do! But what I love about Autumn most of all is the fashion!  

Autumn is all about layering and practicality. The goal is to look stylish, keep warm, and shield yourself from that dreadful rain. No one wants to look like a wet dog in heels, thank you.

An Autumn capsule wardrobe lasts forever, emphasising quality over quantity. It’s the cost-efficient way to run your wardrobe and curbs the temptation to chase trends. Invest in staple items, and you won’t give into racer stripe jeans or fanny packs. What was I thinking?

The perfect Autumn capsule wardrobe:

Trench coat

The ideal layer for Autumn. It’s light, durable and super chic. Trench coats are an elegant choice of outerwear, offering a balance of sophistication and practicality. Yay!

Structured blazer

A blazer adds dimension and structure, elevating any outfit. Blazers are a smart choice of jacket, great for work-wear or brunch with the BFF. Table for two at Hoi Polloi? Yes please!


The perfect knit adds colour and texture to your look. Ditch the jacket and bring out those chunky knits, and if it’s freezing, pop that coat on, and you’re good to go!


Spice up your outfit and keep those feet toasty with a well-made pair of boots. Don’t be afraid to splurge; avoid poor craftsmanship, and say bye-bye to those dreaded, soggy-socks! 


A print or pop of colour adds fun to your look. Keep your neck warm and look fabulous.


An Autumn capsule wardrobe emphasises layering and practicality, quality over quantity, and investing in staples, not trends. Stick to these and Autumn is covered for life!

See my Pinterest board below for more Autumn ideas

Look out for my next post ‘Mad for Plaid- check after check’.

Be your best self- Milly x


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